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Mindfulness MBSR Teacher Training

Internationally Certified 240-hour Mindfulness Teacher Training Programme from Europe's leading institution IMA starts on 26 April 2024.
Become a Certified Mindfulness Teacher in 15 months with online and live modules in Istanbul!
Mindfulness MBSR Eğitmenlik Programı Detayları


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"The teacher training process was so deep and powerful that what I learnt and experienced there will continue to support me throughout my life. We worked with very valuable trainers. You could see how professional they were in their fields not only by what they told but also by their presence. Therefore, we had a very well-equipped process with both the content of the training and the trainers. After the training, I saw even more clearly how much we have learnt in my teaching process."

Hazal Şen, Mindfulness MBSR Teacher Training Graduate, 2023

As MindCare Academy, we are pleased to bring the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program of the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA), Europe's well-established mindfulness institution, to Turkey.

This is a 240-hour, 15-month, certified and accredited program based on the International Mindfulness Integrity Network (IMI)'s international standards.

We invite those who want to have a personalised learning experience with an expert, experienced and multidisciplinary teaching staff in the field of mindfulness, to transform your life and the lives of others by mastering mindfulness practices, and to acquire a new profession to embark on this journey together.

Internationally Accredited Program

This program is an applied Mindfulness Trainer program that includes over 240 hours of face-to-face learning spread over 15 months in accordance with the International Mindfulness Integrity (IMI) Network criteria and mindfulness teacher training standards accepted all over the world. The long duration of the program is designed to enable participants to internalise the knowledge, skills and mindfulness approach.

The program also has a structure that adopts high standards in terms of certification requirements and applies these standards in a transparent manner. Trainers who successfully complete the certification process become accredited and competent trainers, fully qualified to lead and manage Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses.  Participants who complete the additional module are also qualified to deliver the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course.


The program follows the approved curriculum of CFM (Center for Mindfulness - UMASS) and is taught with IMA experience.  During the training program, the 8-week evidence-based MBSR course curriculum is examined in detail and up-to-date evidence-based information on both mindfulness and the MBSR course is presented.

IMA kurucusu Linda Lehrhaupt

Experienced Faculty Members

The high level of professionalism and experience of the institute’s teaching staff is a highlight of its training programs. The IMA´s faculty includes some of Europe’s leading researchers, teachers and innovators in the field, as well as guest teachers from the USA and other parts of the world.  All our faculty members have a personal mindfulness practice extending over many years, as well as extensive professional experience in the integration of mindfulness-based approaches in their respective fields.

Support Of MindCare

Being a good Mindfulness Trainer is not only about personal practice and training, but also about adapting the mindfulness approach according to the needs. For this reason, we bring you together with experienced Turkish Mindfulness Teachers and Mindfulness Practicing Mental Health Professionals working in the field to enable you to receive information and support on the adaptation of the mindfulness approach to the field, participant needs and local customisations.

As MindCare, our aim is to create a Mindfulness Community that supports each other by making the experience transfer and guidance parts, which are a very important part of the field of mindfulness, a part of the training.

MindCare kurucuları Kıvılcım ve Selin
MBSR Eğitmenlik Eğitimi Yüz yüze Modül

Hybrid Program & Cohort Learning

The program consists of a total of 9 training modules, 4 modules are delivered live and 5 modules are delivered online, thus providing an accessible structure while maintaining high quality standards. 

The program is limited to 32 participants and has a cohort learning structure.  Thus, it is possible to establish peer working groups among the trainer candidates, to provide one-to-one communication with each trainer candidate, to provide deepening in the field of mindfulness by creating more intense interaction between faculty members and trainer candidates, and to provide one-to-one attention and support for each trainer candidate to successfully exit the process throughout the program.

Teacher Training Pathway

The program consists of an orientation meeting, 9 learning modules, inter-module peer study groups, a 5-day silence retreat, the teaching of the first MBSR course, supervision and certification. The entire program is supported by our expert teaching and supervision staff.

1. Orientation Meeting

This meeting is a free information and acquaintance meeting for those who want to get information about the functioning of the programme, to evaluate the suitability of the program, to get to know our teaching staff and program organisers closely. In this meeting, you can get in-depth information about being a mindfulness trainer and the training program and ask your questions. 


We recommend that all applicants attend the orientation meeting, but even if you are unable to attend the orientation meeting, it would be good for you to meet with the program organisers before filling in the application form and to get information about the operation of the program and the application criteria.

2. Teaching Modules and Personal Work

Participants attend a total of 9 training modules, 4 modules face-to-face and 5 modules online. These training modules include 25 days of learning. In addition, both theoretical and practical training is received with compulsory readings, skills practices, peer working groups between modules. The dates of the Training Modules can be found in the Program Dates section on this page.

3. Teaching first MBSR course under Supervision

Trainer candidates are expected to teach their first MBSR course at the end of the 8th Training Module. In this first programme, they will present the 8-week MBSR programme to their participants and will have the first-hand experience of leading an MBSR group.

Participants participate in at least five online individual or small group supervisions with an IMA supervisor during the delivery of the 8-week course. This supervision is a mandatory step.

4. Certification Process

Upon successful completion of the certification process, students receive the Mindfulness MBSR trainer certificate. This certificate means that you have fulfilled the requirements of the International Mindfulness Integrity Network (IMI) for training and working at the 2nd level Mindfulness Trainer level.  During the certification process, participants are expected to complete the training program successfully, without absenteeism, and complete all modules in full.  They are also required to teach their first MBSR course and receive 5 individual or group supervision. 

The certification process consists of the following steps:

  • Written thesis: The student is required to complete and submit for assessment a written dissertation evaluating his/her experiences during the MBSR course.

  • Audio recordings: Along with the written thesis, participants are expected to submit audio recordings of the body scan, sitting meditation, reclining and standing yoga practices they presented in their course.

  • Participant Booklet: Participants are required to submit a completed Participant Booklet (in their own language), which they provide to their own participants.

Specific Elements of the Program Include:

  • The graduates of our program are certified and fully qualified to teach MBSR on their own.

  • Teacher trainees are thoroughly immersed in the formal meditation exercises of the MBSR program: body scan, gentle yoga, sitting meditation and walking meditation. They receive detailed instruction and opportunities to practice teaching within the training program.

  • The training emphasizes the deepening of one’s own meditation practice as the basis for teaching others.

  • The curriculum of the 8-week MBSR course is examined in detail, and thematic elements of the weekly sessions, in addition to the meditation exercises, are taught within the training program.

  • Participants teach their own self-organized 8-week MBSR course during the last section of the training program, or shortly thereafter.

  • Five small group or individual supervision sessions with a faculty member per ZOOM give intensive support during the teaching of one’s own 8-week course.

  • Preparation for teaching takes place in every module as participants guide each other and experiment with delivering elements of the programs.

  • Deepening of teaching skills is further supported by eight peer supervision group meetings.

  • Participants write and create their own audios in their native language for each of the main exercises (Body Scan, Mindful Lying Down and Standing Yoga and Sitting Meditation). These exercises will be covered extensively in the training program.

  • The program presents up-to-date information on research in MBSR and mindfulness.

  • Participants receive a comprehensive MBSR teacher-training manual in the Turkish (and English) language.

  • A sample handbook for participants in an MBSR 8-week course in the Turkish (and English) language is supplied in digital format for trainees to modify and adapt for their own courses.


Three Learning Dimensions of the IMA Program

The training program is strongly structured and at the same time encourages personal creativity and expression. The multidisciplinary team is committed to each
participant finding his/her own identity as a teacher. The training invites each participant to practice and integrate mindfulness skills in his/her own daily life before passing them on to others.


The program will fully prepare trainees to teach MBSR by himself/herself. The practically oriented learning units, combined with the individual supervision and the nurturing of one’s own meditation practice, build a three-pronged approach that has been shown to be very supportive to developing teachers.

Kohort Öğrenme

 Cohort Learning

Learning within the same group with various rotating teachers

The cohort learning dimension means working with the same group of students with rotating faculty members. This training program is limited to 32 participants.

Kişiye Özel Destek

 Individual Learning

Personalized tutoring with a supervisor

The individual learning dimension is in a small group or one-to-one supervision process that takes place during the teaching of a student’s own 8-week MBSR course. It consists of a minimum of five individual or group sessions on ZOOM.

Eğitmenin Kişisel Pratiği
  Personal Learning
Deepening of one’s own meditation practice

The personal learning dimension nurtures the deepening of one’s own meditation practice as a resource in adding depth to one’s teaching capacity.

Lokalleştirme Desteği
Localisation Support

Participants write the exercises for each of the main practices in their own language and record them in their own voice. These recordings are listened to by our team and feedback is given. In addition, support is provided for guiding meditation in Turkish. Participants are informed in detail about the language, approach and word choices to be used, and participants are encouraged to find their own style.  Participants receive a comprehensive MBSR Trainer Training Manual in Turkish.  This manual contains all the details, theoretical and practical information of the programme.

Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA) Faculty Members

The high level of professionalism and experience of the institute’s teaching staff is a highlight of its training programs. The IMA´s faculty includes some of Europe’s leading researchers, teachers and innovators in the field, as well as guest teachers from the USA and other parts of the world.  All our faculty members have a personal mindfulness practice extending over many years, as well as extensive professional experience in the integration of mindfulness-based approaches in their respective fields. 

The faculty for the Teacher Training includes some of Europe’s most senior teachers and the founder of the IMA, a pioneer in introducing MBSR in Europe.

Program Dates

Orientation Meeting

Online Zoom

18 November & 24 February 11:00 - 13:00

Module 1

Online Zoom

April 26 Friday - April 28 Sunday, 2024, 3 days.
Teacher: Ingrid van den Hout

Module 2

Online Zoom

June 6 Thursday - June 7 Friday, 2024, 2 days.
Teacher: René Slikker, Teacher in Training: Kıvılcım Kıran

Module 3

Live - İstanbul

July 5 Friday - July 7 Sunday 2024, 3 days.
Teacher: Amir Imani

Module 4

Live - Istanbul

September 20 Friday - September 22 Sunday 2024, 3 days.
Teacher: Elise Jansen
, Teacher in Training: Selin Ilgaz



October 5 Saturday 2024, 3,5 hours

Teacher: Ingrid van den Hout

Silent Retreat


October 8 Tuesday - October 13 Sunday 2024, 5 day 5 nights.

Teacher: Amir Imani

Module 5

Online Zoom

November 1 Friday - November 3 Sunday 2024, 3 days.

Teacher: René Slikker

Module 6

Online Zoom

December 7 Saturday - December 8 Sunday 2024, 2 days.
Teacher: Wolfgang Schröder

Module 7

Live - İstanbul

January 23 Thursday - January 26 Sunday 2025, 4 days.
Teacher: Ingrid van den Hout

Module 8

Online Zoom

February 21 Friday - February 23 Sunday 2025, 3 days.
Teacher: Jean-Daniel Rüedi

Module 9

Live - Istanbul

July 11 Friday - July 13 Sunday 2025, 2,5 days.
Teacher: Amir Imani

Teachers in Training: Kıvılcım Kıran, Selin Ilgaz

Aramıza Katılın

Join Us!

Next steps to be part of the teacher training program

Application and Enrollment

Orientation Meeting

We recommend that applicants who wish to apply for the program attend the orientation meeting where the program will be introduced and detailed information about the program will be given. However, if you think that you have enough information about the program, you can apply even if you cannot attend the orientation module. If you did not attend the orientation meeting, it would be good for you to meet with the program organisers and get information about the operation of the program before your application.  Please contact us at

Orientation Meetings: 18 November 2023 & 24 February 2024

Sending out Application Forms

To register for the program, please fill out the Application Form in full and send it to We will let you know whether you have been accepted to the program within 3 weeks at the latest after we receive your Application Form. All information provided for applications will be kept strictly confidential. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, the information you provide will only be used in the application process for the training you have specified and will be destroyed after the necessary time is kept for these processes.

Special Agreements

Senior trainers from MindCare and IMA Teaching Staff will assess all applications in detail. If the information you provide in your application is not sufficient according to the programme criteria, you may be asked to make some additional preparations. These additional preparations will be notified to you in writing and you will be advised on how to make these preparations. Please refer to the admission criteria below for admission criteria.


If your application is approved, a registration contract will be sent to you to finalise your registration. Your place on the programme will be confirmed upon completion of this contract and payment of the pre-registration fee.

Registrations are accepted according to the order of application. If the applications received after the program quota is filled are evaluated positively, they are taken to the reserve list and if there is any cancellation, the candidates will be returned to the candidates according to the order of application.

Meditasyon Çanağı

Participation Requirements

  • Successful completion of a professional education or training program in the fields of mental health, medicine, education, health care, social work, physical or occupational therapy, nursing, counselling, coaching, human resources, pastoral work and related professions. Please check with us if you are not sure whether you qualify.

  • If you do not have a professional training but have extensive work or volunteer experience, please give us the details.

  • A minimum of three years work experience in a professional field.

  • Meditation Experience: At least 1.5 years of meditation practice (Mindfulness, Vipassana, Zen, Shambhala Training, Dzogchen, Christian Contemplative, Sufi, Yoga, etc.) before starting the training program.

  • Regular sitting meditation practice.

  • Some experience in meditative bodywork, particularly yoga. If you do not have any yoga experience, or we feel you can benefit from additional training, we will ask you to take part in a weekly yoga course in your hometown during the training program.

  • Participation in an 8-week MBSR course. We ask you to finish your MBSR 8-week course before Module 2 of the training. If you are geographically too far away from a weekly course offering, or your work schedule does not allow it, it is possible to take part in an online 8-week course approved by the IMA. We can help you with finding a suitable online course

  • Participation in at least one, five-day silent meditation retreat approved by the IMA for the teacher training. If you have not yet participated in a retreat, you will be asked to fulfil this requirement before the start of the fifth training module in November 2024. You can join the silent retreat that is held within the program. If not, we can help you with finding a suitable retreat.

Program Fee

3200 Euro + VAT

The course fee includes all training modules plus one teacher-training manual, one participant handbook of an 8-week course, eight peer-group study sessions with assignments, one between each module.


The fees does not include the minimum 5 small group or individual supervision sessions required when teaching one’s own course.  These sessions are charged as follows:

1 supervisee: 85 euro for 1 hour individual supervision.

2 supervisees: 140 euro for 1,5 hour group supervision, 70 euro per person per supervision.

3 supervisees: 195 euro for 2 hours group supervision, 65 euro per supervision per person.

4 supervisees: 240 euro for 2,5 hours group supervision including a break, 60 euro per supervision per person.


The fee also does not include costs for travel, housing, and meals, which the participant pays directly to the venue management when the training module is residential.

Payment Schedule:   

Deposit: 800 euros At the time of returning the contract registration
(non-refundable deposit that counts towards your tuition fee )

Payment 1: 800 euros One month before Module 2

Payment 2: 800 euros One month before Module 4

Payment 3: 800 euros One month before Module 5

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